Monday, September 22, 2014

The girl who runs in black

She is one of those numerous runners out there, not much known for their regular road pounding just because they are not so vocal about it like others are. She has no pictures of her runs. She has no posts about her times or the kilometers she had put in on any social networking site. But she runs, as often as she can, at night after office hours.

She has been running for almost two years now, has been through two pairs of running shoes, and is starting off on her third. She started when she moved to the city after college to work in a telecommunications company.

"To stay sexy," she told me with a hearty laugh once when I asked her why she ran, but added in a more serious tone that running helped release all the negative energies from her body. It has become a very effective stress reliever for her, has been a way for her to relax from the daily worries of work and life as a whole.

That is primarily why she has kept running. There have been times when she stopped for a while, but she always came back, finding joy in her exhaustion.

I asked her if she was ever planning to join one of those fun runs that have started to become a fixture in the city. She says she's not so keen about it, adding that her running is far from the running being done by those who join fun runs. I don't see much difference though. She said she wasn't much into running in a crowd, that it made her lose focus, disrupted her running in a way.  She was more the lone wolf, who found happiness in running alone.

A few weeks back, she ran non-stop for an hour, and she was ecstatic about it. There are those of us who take great pride in our accomplishments that would perhaps smirk at that, silently saying it is not really much, but for this girl who runs in black running shorts and a matching black dri-fit shirt, who has maybe not even considered running as something she was born to do, it was  definitely an achievement.

I for one find inspiration in stories like this, in the simple achievements of unheralded and unknown runners, mostly not even considering themselves as such. They constantly remind me to find happiness and satisfaction in every single run. It may not be a personal best, nor faster or longer than the last, but being able to do it is a blessing, a gift that is more than enough to be thankful for.

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