Sunday, May 27, 2007

Going back again

"Been there one time... been there two times... never going back again..."

So goes the line from that Fleetwood Mac song featured in the 1977 album "Rumours." It is a song I can sort of so relate to these days.

After quite a long period of "inactivity," I am back into my usual run-and-bike grind. Since May 15, I have done 7 runs - two 4ks, a couple of 6ks, a 7k last Sunday, and a couple more back roads runs of 37 minutes each. I have done a short but fast (my pace, of course) 16k ride on a road bike and an equally short and fast spin on my mountain bike. That last one almost had me losing control on a fast downhill and in danger of falling into a very deep ditch. It had me thinking that the 45-day hiatus had somehow left my reflexes a bit rusty. I finished the ride without a scratch, though, except perhaps a bit of scratch on my self-confidence.

My thighs and lower back are sore. But it is sweet pain for me. I am back into doing what I love to do best, and there is no better way of self-assurance for me at the moment.

"Been there one time... been there two times... never going back again..."

No, I'm never going back again into long periods without a run or a bike ride... not if i can help it anyway.


Jaymie said...

Hey caloyb,

I agree. NO to no workouts. That is hell for people like us!

Your blog is a great read. Maybe next year I'll try out cycling too. Share with me your cycling tips, will you? :)

caloyb said...

thanks for the compliment on the blog, jaymie. you got a great blog yourself.

yes, i'd be more than happy to share with you what i know about cycling. :)