Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My back roads run

There are a lot of unpaved roads where I live. They snake their way up and down hills, pass by orchards and tree farms, over streams and small rivers traversed by overflow bridges. I run these unpaved roads from time to time when I feel like doing something different from my usual 6k-10k paved road routine. I call this my back roads run.

These roads all link to each other and run through several villages. Depending on the particular route I map out, a run could go from 45 minutes to 2 hours on a single loop. I did a 45-minuter this weekend, my first back roads run since October last year.

It didn't feel anything like I haven't run this route for the past 5 months. Perhaps it was the familiarity with the terrain. It starts with a 3km uphill effort on paved road before turning right to a dirt road lined on both sides by fruit trees. You then cruise through rolling terrain for about 2 kilometers and do a fast downhill over another 2 kilometers.

It was already half past six in the morning, but it's only when I hit the pavement again after that last 2k stretch that I feel the warm sun on my skin. All the while, the trees in the orchards and rubber farms that line the dirt road keep me sheltered in their shadows.

I guess that's one of the few things that make my back roads run always a refreshing experience- the opportunity to run amidst a cool early morning countryside scene.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Luck is with me, I guess

Thank God it's cancelled!

Race organizer Vic Sai himself told me the Petron 10k race in Davao City is set on Sunday next week, not this weekend as I was earlier told. And that's just fine for me. It gives me time to put in more mileage into my legs.

That sounds funny, isn't it? Putting more mileage into your legs for a race when you are supposed to be pampering them so that they are fresh for the big day. But we runners know that this is the harsh reality of our sport. We need to train our body - and our mind - to suffer so that further suffering becomes just another routine thing that it can take with more ease.

I only had one run this week. That wouldn't have been enough to get me race ready. Tomorrow, I will run again. And again on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on... and on... I can only hope it is not just wishful thinking, that I can really find more running time. Unexpected tasks just have a way of cropping up and messing up schedules lately.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another race coming, but...

It's been almost two weeks since I did the Adidas King of the Road 10k in Davao City. Another 10k race is coming up in the same city this Sunday. The thing is I can't say I have had a decent preparation for that one.

Running has been an off and on thing for me these past few days because of a busy schedule. I only ran three days last week doing an easy 4k and two 6ks. My last run was on Sunday. I haven't done any running since Monday. I had to leave for the big city early Tuesday and again this morning on some office chore.

Tomorrow I plan to run. I'll try to do a 6k again, maybe go up to 8k if I feel good.

The race this Sunday? I would love to do that, but I would first have to see how I would do tomorrow and Friday. Those are the only two days I believe I could do a decent run before doing that 10k race this Sunday.

I hope my body tells me it's okay.