Saturday, March 10, 2007

Luck is with me, I guess

Thank God it's cancelled!

Race organizer Vic Sai himself told me the Petron 10k race in Davao City is set on Sunday next week, not this weekend as I was earlier told. And that's just fine for me. It gives me time to put in more mileage into my legs.

That sounds funny, isn't it? Putting more mileage into your legs for a race when you are supposed to be pampering them so that they are fresh for the big day. But we runners know that this is the harsh reality of our sport. We need to train our body - and our mind - to suffer so that further suffering becomes just another routine thing that it can take with more ease.

I only had one run this week. That wouldn't have been enough to get me race ready. Tomorrow, I will run again. And again on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on... and on... I can only hope it is not just wishful thinking, that I can really find more running time. Unexpected tasks just have a way of cropping up and messing up schedules lately.

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