Thursday, August 16, 2007

Missing out on the virtual run

"Runners from across the globe connect and train virtually with each other through the power of 21st century technology."

"Runners separated by geography do a training run 'together' wherever they may be in the world."

"It doesn't matter where you are–the OC, Manila, or Timbuktu–you're welcome to join me and several of my training buds that span two continents, a really big ocean and several time zones."

After having read through posts in the individual blogs of those who have joined this virtual training run, I thought maybe it was time I try joining. The idea was definitely cool. Doing a run simultaneously at an agreed time over an agreed distance in each participant's own corner of the world - Manila, Makati, Alabang, Paranaque, Kuala Lumpur, USA. The specified time was 4:30 am, the distance 10k/6 miles. Since my set 10k run coincided with the group's 4th virtual run anyway, I thought I might as well do it as part of this group of virtual running buddies.

I was up before the alarm went off on my cellphone. Problem was I set it at 4:00 am instead of 30 minutes earlier. And it was already 3:55. With all my pre-run rituals, I seriously doubted I could be out on the road by 4:30.

By the time I was brushing my teeth, it was already 4:35. My first virtual run is fast going down the drain. The others are definitely into their warm-up phase right now. I finally go out of the house at 4:45, and reach my starting point on the main road at 4:50. I have missed out on the virtual run.

I went ahead with my own scheduled 10k run, breezing through my first half at 27:14.46. I did the second half at a slightly slower 27:16.05, for a total time of 54:30.51. My old Timex Ironman Triathlon, the only "gadget" I have ever used aside from the usual running apparel, showed an average time of 5:27.05/km with a best of 5:02.48 (No big deal. This was run on the slightly downhill 8th kilometer of my route).

It was a good run overall. The fastest of my three 10ks this week. It would have been more fun though if I had made it in time for today's virtual run. Maybe next Thursday ... .


e-rod said...

you didn't really miss out on the virtual run. i started just 5 minutes ahead of you, and at your pace you easily would've caught up to me. as a matter of fact, i remember a pinoy runner who overtook me. was that you?

see you next time.

Running Freeman said...

Hi Caloy,

Great to have you in our VIrtual run, as some of our Vrunners from Manila wasn't able to make it bec. of the storm. Btw how's the weather there at Mindanao? well hope to see you again next time in our VR5.

caloyb said...


i did pass somebody on my run, but i never thought that was you. i was so caught up in the thought that you guys were already way ahead up the road. i'll try to be on time for VR5. :)

running freeman,

it's been raining here quite often, too. especially in my part of Mindanao up in the boondocks going to mt. apo. good thing is it usually pours in the afternoon and evening. that's one thing good in these parts - walang bagyo. :)

e-rod said...

vr5 is on. it's posted on my blog, as well as hitme's and banggi's. hope to see you there.