Saturday, December 01, 2007

Is this good news or bad?

Tomorrow is supposed to be race day. The first Sunday of December has been the day of the Davao City Sunday Runners' Finishers' Marathon year after year. Until this year, it seems.

I have just been told by a fellow runner that the organizers have canceled the event for still unknown reasons. No wonder I didn't see any news of the event in the Davao sports websites. Not a single item, which I found unusual for an event that has become big not only for Davao-based runners but also for others like me who hail from the nearby cities and provinces of South Central Mindanao.

I have mixed feelings about this news. It means I don't have to give up racing it this weekend because I just got off from sick bay and feel I won't be 100% for a 42k which is supposed to be my ultimate goal for the year. I am glad about that. But this race just has become such a part of my running life that hearing it is folding up makes me sad.

Deep inside, I am hoping that the news is not true. Deep inside, I am hoping they just decided to postpone it and still run it in another week or two. That means I would still be okay for my 42k goal this year. Deep inside, I am also hoping that if they did decide to call the race off this year, that they would run it again next year. If that happens, I will surely be there to take on the challenge of the 42k yet again.


rick said...

Sorry to hear about the marathon. I hope like you, it's a temporary postponement.

Running Freeman said...

Hi Caloy,

just think of it as a blessing in disguise, I hope they resched it early next year and by that time im sure you're 100% in good condition. good luck on your 42K :)