Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inspiration from a would-be runner

I didn't expect the question - is it okay to run and then go to a gym for a workout? Then, as we continued exchanging messages through Yahoo! Messenger, she tells me of her plan to buy a new pair of running shoes because she wasn't able to bring the old pair she used while she was still here in the Philippines.

Something told me this girl was quite serious about getting into running. You don't invest in a new pair of running shoes if you're not, right?

There was a track oval close to the building where they stayed, she said. That was where she planned to run. More questions from her followed, more tips and information came from me, until finally I offer to share a run/walk routine for beginners from one of my many ageing references. I told her that I would guide her through the run/walk routine until she can run for 30 minutes straight, hopefully in a month's time.

She has gone through 2 days of the routine, keeping me posted through email about how she managed with the workouts.

No, I don't consider myself an expert on this. Well, I actually have this crazy dream of coaching but I know I don't have the skills for something like that. But I think I can share a thing or two from my two-cents worth of running experience to help a friend who wants to get into running.

The best thing is it has gotten me more inspired to keep on running.


rick said...

Good job coach! You're coaching her and giving her good advice, to her you are a coach. I hear you on helping others to stay inspired. I do that here too; volunteering for races and mentoring for some of our beginner groups.

With the training and racing I noticed that I become self-centered. I spend a lot of time thinking of myself; how is my diet? what's my training plan for the week? I need to stretch more? how am I going to fit runs on this trip? So on and so forth. I know it's necessary for training but helping someone moves me out of myself and it's very refreshing. Also inspiring to see the experience in other people.

I hope your friend sticks with running. You and I know it's a great and healthy sport.

caloyb said...

a very inspiring comment there. thanks, rick.

i get you there on becoming self-centered. now i run thinking not only of how i am doing with my training plan, but also of how my would-be runner friend is doing with her own bid to become a runner.

i am confident that she will stick with running. i can sense her dedication. :D

Keli said...

hi caloy. i never thought of myself as a coach when i tell my friends (2 so far) how to slowly "become" a runner. but i did that, basing on my experience. it's really nice to be able to help someone else find pleasure in what we do, right?