Monday, November 10, 2008

Finding motivation

Where do i find the motivation to run?

Many have asked me this question. And the truth is the answer escapes me.

Running is definitely not easy. Being a weight-bearing activity, it puts a lot of stress on your lower extremities. For most people my age, with lower backs and knees rendered a bit rusty and somewhat rickety by father time, walking would be a much better and is an oft-preferred option.

Sometimes I feel little aches and pains. But every single running day, I wake up early, put on my attire,lace up my running shoes, and hit the road. The little aches and pains disappear after a kilometer or two, and by my third kilometer, I feel like a kid running carelessly at play.

No, I'm not a walking man. I am a runner.

Running defines who I am. It sets me apart from the rest. I find meaning, satisfaction, and happiness in doing it.

I do get tired but I always find the energy somehow, somewhere in this aging body, to run.

I love running. That's why I do it. That's motivation and reason enough for me.


resty said...

caloy, i'm being pro-active. not wait for illness to egg me to exercise. unahan ko na lang. being able to run for life. the fix, sense of well-being after a workout. among others, these motivate me.

ma_ane said...

I grew up seeing you running around Kidapawan during early mornings. But now that I am older, I hardly see you do it around, it could be that you are already busy, or its just that I have not been up that early to catch you do it.

Anyway, I have just discovered the beauty of running. Just a couple of months ago, I fell in love running in the treadmill. Oh well, compared sa imo for sure daghan pakong bugas kaonon. Well started in july of 08 and intawon akong makaya is just 2.5miles-3miles tops for 45 mnts. You think I will ever be able to join a 3k or 5k marathon....?

I love your blog. It makes me feel inspired to keep improving myself in my newfound love.

Keep it up.