Sunday, December 07, 2008

One sweet victory, one sad ending

Okay, this is a running blog. But after what happened for 8 rounds inside the ring at MGM Grand in Las Vegas today, I can't help it.

Manny Pacquiao was just marvelous. Oscar dela Hoya was taller and bigger indeed, and for that a lot of American fight analysts gave the fight to him, some even saying that it would be a KO win for the legendary Golden Boy. It seems the luster has faded, the legend has gone somewhere else.

The smaller Filipino fighter was just the better, no, the best man and he did win.

Manny Pacquiao dominated the fight against dela Hoya from the 1st round, keeping himself busy with combination punches and steady movements to avoid dela Hoya's punches.

Pacquiao showed he can stand up to the bigger dela Hoya, using his speed and agility to effectively overcome the size advantage of the Golden Boy.

All the way to the 8th round, dela Hoya still can't seem to find an answer to the Pacman's barrage of punches to his head and body. Dela Hoya looked like an old man in the ring being pummeled to submission by a more aggressive and hungrier fighter in Manny Pacquiao.

The legend that is the Golden Boy just seemed to be slowly disappearing. He appeared tired, and battered by the punching machine that is Pacman.

After the 8th round, dela Hoya did what perhaps was unthinkable for a 10-time world professional boxing champion to do, give up the fight. It was a TKO victory for Pacquiao who consolidated his position as professional boxing's best pound-for-pound fighter.

What a way for one of the world's best fighters to go.

Dela Hoya chose to fight a smaller man perhaps thinking his height and size advantage would work to his favor. Sadly, it did not. The Pacman was just too fast, too strong, and too good for a fading Golden Boy.

In the end it was sweet victory for Manny, and a sad closing episode to a once brilliant fighting career for Oscar.

To those who didn't believe Manny will win, it's about time you learn about Filipino guts, heart, and faith in God.


Rick Gaston said...

My cousin felt the same way. She's visiting from Manila and left just this morning actually. Last night she mentioned how happy she was for Pacquiao but sad for Dela Hoya. Someone had to win, it's good that it was Manny. They are the best of the best unfortunately you can only have one winner, very much like a run.

bong said...

Hi Caloy! What a performance by our pride and joy, Manny Pacquiao. He is so popular here in Canada that he was the subject of praise by my co-workers here a day after the big fight.

I like him for his humility, faith in God and generosity specially to our poor countrymates.

I also think he will beat his next opponent, Hatton, but I think it will be a harder fight for him against Mayweather Jr.

What do you think?

Happy holidays to you and the family!