Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am tired.

At 53, I am not as fresh as I used to be.

My breathing is heavier. My lungs burn faster than they used to. My heart reaches maximum beat rate earlier.

My legs don't hurt, though. They don't feel rubbery. They just churn, perhaps by instinct, and so I keep on running.

Each running day I ask myself why I still need to do this thing. And yet each day I let my legs just carry me to another 30 minutes, another hour of body battering. Never mind the absence of an answer to my question. Never mind the lingering doubt if I can do this yet again.

In the coldness of the breaking dawn I sweat. In the solitude of my run I find my space, my peace, my self.

I am a runner, and a runner I will always be.


Bong said...

Hey Caloy, you're still alive and kicking! It's been awhile since your last post. I know, once a runner you're always be one. I also love my solitary runs although I run with a group twice a week. It's a special time to think, just enjoy the surroundings,be thankful for being healthy and just be alone with my God. No bull, I always look forward to your next posts but they are so far in between coming.

Rick Gaston said...

And it's why you continue to run. God willing I hope to die a runner.

caloyb said...

thanks for always being least may naghihintay pala sa mga posts ko dito.LOL. seriously, i honestly appreciate you following this blog.

same here. i hope to run 'til i'm a hundred and one1 :D

Keli said...

good post. i really like it. like the photo too. is it yours? it's one of my frustrations you know. i don't have any good running pix.

caloyb said...

hello, keli.

if you are referring to the picture on the post, that's not me. i got it from a running website. i don't have any good running pic myself. i guess it's time i ask a friend to accompany me on a run, on a motor vehicle, and take pictures of me :)

Its not you...its me said...


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