Sunday, October 11, 2009

And again, another race

The Merco 63rd Anniversary Fun Run is on its 4th running this year, with some changes.

No, they won't be doing the 21k this time. Just 5k and 10k open races, a 3k for kids 12 years old and below, and a 3k walk-jog with your pet.

I couldn't really say that I am frustrated. A race is a race no matter the distance just as a run is a run no matter the time.

I would have wanted to try and improve on my best 21k time of 1:42:42 which I set in the Merco 61st Anniversary 21k in October 2007. But trying to do a faster 10k after quite a while would be more than good enough.

The last race I joined was the Vic Sai Araw ng Dabaw 5k in March, a good 6 months ago. I missed the Milo Marathon Davao Regional Elimination Race in July and a Samsung-sponsored 5k/10k last August 23. I would have wanted to do the Auto Review Run for Road Safety and Courtesy on August 27, but ring work the night before went until close to midnight. Travelling to Davao for the race the next day, more so racing, was close to impossible.

So I'm set for the 63rd Merco Anniversary Fun Run on October 25, with my runs tucked under my running shorts' elastic band and my registration form all but filled-up and submitted. Pretty much like in the other races I missed, really.

All I have to do now is keep on doing my preparation runs, and pray that work or something else doesn't make me miss this race again.

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