Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sweeping aside the cobwebs

Seven months to this day.

That's how long I haven't posted anything on this blog.

I've been busy with work, yes. But I was still able to squeeze in runs three to four days in a week. Having done that, I seem to see no valid reason why I couldn't update this running blog.

Perhaps times like these just come. We feel stale. Tired and unmotivated. I could get myself to do the runs, but not the writing. It was plain mental drought.

A lot of things have happened since seven months ago. We've moved to a new residence. I have been running a different route, a bit more difficult, I would say, than the one I used to run. I have also discovered a new back road route which takes me through a winding dirt road kept shady and cool by rubber trees on both sides. The excitement in tackling it almost every single running day hasn't rubbed off yet, and I hope it won't.

I need to do a lot more things. Catch up on my long runs, catch up on my speed work, and catch up on my writing.

I don't know if anybody would be reading this other than me, but let that be for now. Sweeping aside the cobwebs is the main concern right now.


Bong said...

Hi Caloy! Nice to read a new post from you after a long time. Glad to hear you're still doing your runs and enjoying the new routes after you moved. Just like you, I do solitary runs most of the time now, although I do enjoy running with others in my run club every now and then. I just hope you write more often because honestly, you're one of the best, if not the best writer/blogger I follow. Show us a picture or two of the new running route.

caloyb said...

hello, bong! it's really inspiring to know you're still following my blog. i will try my best to write more often. and i guess i would have a better batting average this time. as for the picture of the new running route, i guess i would have to put this arm wallet - a gift from a friend - to use, so i can carry my cellphone with me and take some shots.

Niknok said...

im readin' it :).just keep postin' sir.and i assume your joining milo marathon this year?i'm planning to do 21k again but this time in davao city elims this august 29(it was gensan last year).nice shoes on your profile pic by the way...where did you buy those?

caloyb said...

hi, niknok. thanks for reading. with guys like you, i guess i wouldn't find it too hard to write more regularly again. i'm running the davao milo elims, and yes, planning to do the 21k. i guess i'll see you there. the shoes? i bought these at athlete's foot davao (at gaisano mall) several years back. i think they are no longer in the market. they have a new upgraded model, the NB 905. i'm planning to change this pair myself... if i get some cash to spare. LOL.