Monday, August 23, 2010

A shoe and shoe shop story

The last time I bought running shoes was in March last year.

I got the Nike Air Zoom Limitless primarily because of the weight. I was looking for a racing shoe but couldn't find one. The lightweight trainer was the best alternative there was.

I didn't regret the purchase. The Limitless served me well as a second shoe for faster training runs and races. My New Balance MR902's bought in 2007, also lightweight trainers, served as my staple training shoes for both road and trail runs. Until two weeks ago.

Three years of use on and off road, to include a number of times up to the peak of Mt. Apo and back down, are definitely more than enough for my trusty NB 902's. It was time I retired their well-worn soles and get myself a new pair of shoes.

I was doing the Kadayawan Festival Run in Davao City and that gave me the chance to shop around for a new pair of second shoes for faster training runs and races. I was going to use my still "relatively new" Limitless as my staple running shoes this time.

It took a little asking around before I and the taxi driver found our destination, Davao's newest running shoe store - Run Club Davao. It was definitely the best shoe store I've been to in Davao.

The store staff were very courteous, friendly and accommodating. The gait analysis I took was very helpful and confirmed that I indeed have a neutral gait. That, and weighing 50 kilos at the heaviest on a 5'2'' frame, means I can practically get away with wearing less cumbersome lightweight shoes, like the Adidas Adizero Rocket.

My Adizero Rocket from Run Club Davao, Nice shoes, nice store.

ProductWiki describes the Adizero Rocket as "a performance running shoe that is designed for long-distance and competitive runners."

The shoe features Adidas' TORSION system which stabilizes the foot and provides light arch support and has a molded respoEVA sockliner for a comfortable fit.   It includes adiPRENE+ cushioning in the forefoot and adiPRENE cushioning under the heel for comfort and shock absorption.  The adiZero Rocket is designed with a durable adiWEAR outsole that has flex grooves to provide flexibility and good traction.  It also features an asymmetrical air mesh upper to provide good ventilation and has internal non-slip lining for better performance.

RunBlogger's Guide to Minimalist Running Shoes lists the Adizero Rocket among "reduced shoes" that are "extremely lightweight and ride very close to the ground, making them good options for someone interested in migrating downward from a modern cushioned training shoe" and therefore allows the feet more flexibility and movement.

I have been running 10 to 16 kilometers on my Adizero Rockets for the past two weeks now, and I definitely have no complaints.

Neither do I have complaints about Run Club Davao. It's definitely one of the best things that ever happened to running hereabouts.

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ledz21 said...

that was a good footwear,i've been thinking of getting that pair before but i ended up getting mizuno wave