Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I am a runner

My lungs burn;
I gasp for air
with every step.
These hills...
They are killers.
I have done four
and there are six more
kilometers to run.
The hardest parts
seem to always come
when you have already run
your legs
to near exhaustion.
I push on-
on legs
becoming as logs
with every step
on the steep
I push on-
as the cold gust
hits my sweat soaked body
chilling me
to the bone.
I push on.
Just six more steps
and I turn...
There are ten more
kilometers to run.

I lean on the fence
I slump on the floor
I am a runner

I run again.

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Anonymous said...

this is actually my third time to read and visit this post. I just want you to know I included you on my top choice for most Versatile Bloggers i mentioned on my post.
Hoping to bump into you personally in one of the run or race in Davao soon!