Sunday, October 16, 2011

100k weeks

6 weeks of running, 5 weeks with totals of 100 to 108 kilometers.

Believe it or not, I find it amazing that I am doing this now that I am much older than when I started running and have moved way up the age group ladder.

I don't remember being in this zone in my past running life. I have done runs beyond 30k while training for the marathons I ran before my second wind, but no 100k weeks. I haven't pushed my body this much until now.

After all those years of running, I guess my body has learned to adapt to the stress better, and could do more than what it once did. This has not diminished the discomfort any bit though. The soles of my feet still burn after continuously hitting the pavement for 20 kilometers on a 30k long run. My lungs still scream for oxygen with every step towards the top of an incline.

I still dread that discomfort. The soft embrace of my bed especially on a Sunday morning is still a more inviting option, yet I undeniably find a sense of achievement in putting in those long runs. They leave me exhausted, but feeling fully alive. And so I think I'll just do the same thing all over again after a day of rest, and try putting another 100k week into my books.


Author of the New Book Champion... ISBN 0741444186 said...

Keep me posted on your training :) Take care and thank you for quoting my Great great grandfather, William Cobbett. PS you might get a kick out of the training done in my book Champion. Miles Cobbett

caloyb said...

nice of you to visit this blog, mr. miles cobbett. it's not always that a book writer does that. i'm very much honored.