Monday, December 19, 2011

Running and giving on Christmas

After the devastating flash flood that hit Matina in Davao City earlier this year, Team Davao Runners mobilized its members in a voluntary donation campaign for those  affected by the disaster. The spur-of-the-moment charity campaign facilitated through the Davao Runners page on Facebook was able to gather as much as 5 boxes and 5 large plastic bags of donated goods which included unused or old running singlets and race shirts from TDR members and other kind-hearted runners from all over Davao City.

News of the damage to lives and caused by the flash flood brought by Typhoon Sendong to Cagayan de Oro City has again prompted Team Davao Runners to get up and move beyond running. At 4:30 am tomorrow, December 20,  TDR members and other Davao-based runners are going out on a charity 12k run for the victims of Sendong from McDonald's Bajada to Motolite, Bo. Pampanga and back.

There will be no registration fees for this run. Participants are instead asked to bring whatever they can donate for the Sendong victims of CDO - used clothing, canned food, bottled water and other goods or cash. The usual trimmings of a fun run - hydration stations, food and the like - wouldn't be there. Just the road, the runners, and their hearts that care for those unlucky families in CDO who have to face a gloomy Christmas.

If you are from Davao and you are scheduled to do a run tomorrow, you won't regret being a part of this event. You live your passion and you give life to the real spirit of Christmas through a kind and giving heart.

You can visit the Davao Runners Facebook page here for additional information.

"If you give, you begin to live." — Dave Matthews Band

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