Sunday, February 05, 2012

Just run

Never mind if your shoes are quite old.
Never mind if your shorts and shirt are a bit faded.
Never mind if you don't have GPS.
The old chronograph still works and it's just fine.

Just run,
chasing the dream of a faster time.
It is what really matters.
It is what really counts.

                                                           (Rediscovered today in an ageing folder of unpublished notes)


Anonymous said...

Caloy, hope the foot is doing better. Take care my friend and get well soon!


Caloy Bautista said...

Thanks for the concern, Wayne. The foot is better now but not I'm not forcing it. I'm making do with some cycling. Hopefully I could run again in a day or two. That sort of puts back some racing plans though. I'm now doubtful about making that marathon in March. Well, things happen.