Sunday, March 09, 2008

Fast(?) enough for a top 10 finish

I am not fast, only half-fast as another runner describes himself in his blog. Considering that and the age range covered by that special age category in the 5k event of the Araw Ng Dabaw Run -40 and above- I wasn't really expecting a podium finish.

Younger and faster runners were there at the assembly area at Rizal Park early this morning. They checked in and lined up with me at the starting line. I have trained, yes, but they have, too. Perhaps even harder than I did. But podium finish or not, I have decided I would run this race the best I can.

I started fast. 5k is a short distance. I knew that if I am to finish good, I needed to start fast, hold the pace, and finish off with a kick if you still have one. Even before I hit the first kilometer, my upper arms were starting to burn. My lack of upper body exercise was showing, and it is slowly killing me. I wanted to pump my arms faster. I knew my legs can still go faster, but I needed my arms to do that... and they didn't seem to be up to the task. Still, I pressed on, hoping the burning sensation would soon subside.

I passed runners and runners passed me. A bunch of Army guys in their running fatigues were up ahead. One of them was in my age group. Seeing them only a few meters ahead made me pick up the pace. Then, the sound of the siren approached. We were nearing the 5k turnaround, and the leading runner was on his way back to Rizal Park.

I passed the Army guy in my age category going towards the curve leading to the turnaround point in front of Gaisano Mall. On the other side of the road, running their way back to the finish, were familiar faces - the faster guys in my 50-59 age bracket. If this was a race that's strictly in that age bracket, I would be running 4th or 5th going to the turnaround. Well, reality is it was not.

By the time I started my way back to Rizal Park, the burning sensation in my upper arms has subsided. I was feeling more comfortable with my pace. Three runners who I surmise were in my category were ahead of me. I picked up my pace again and was soon abreast with the last runner in loose neon green shorts. I passed him. In a matter of seconds, he passed me right back. I had a race in my hands.

Mr. Neon Green Shorts was tough. I would be abreast of him, then he would pick up his pace and get ahead of me again. If I passed him, he would pass me right back. As we made the turn to San Pedro St. and the straightaway to the finish, he was ahead of me by about three or four strides. I held my pace, but in my head, I was contemplating on taking another surge and try passing him for good.

I started picking up the pace again. I was abreast of Mr. Neon Green Shorts for a few seconds and was leaving him behind not long after. I held the pace. The race banner was growing larger in my sight. Ahead, I saw the two other guys in my category trying to outrun each other to the finish. I was about a 100 meters behind and knew I wouldn't reach them. I had to be content with finishing behind them.

I crossed the finish line in 22 minutes 25.98 seconds. A few minutes after, I went to the organizers' table and checked on my results. I was 37th overall and 10th among the 40 and above runners.

Cash prizes were given to the top three category finishers. There were no medals or certificates for the rest of us in the top 10. Still, I couldn't be happier. A 10th place finish in my first race for the year isn't bad. Not at all.


e-rod said...

congrats on that top 10 finish. i'd be ecstatic with a time like that.

caloyb said...

thanks, e-rod! i wish i could do better... maybe a little upper body strength training and speed work would do me good. :)

rick said...

Great start and great finish. Good running battle with the guy in the green shorts. I could picture the whole thing in my head. I'm sure he remembers you. I hope you do as well or even better for the rest of the year.

caloyb said...

hello, rick! i learned after the race that the guy in the green shorts also comes from my province of north cotabato. he used to teach in a school in the town of matalam. he is now teaching at a state university in davao. small world :). i hope to do good for the rest of the year, too. need to beef up on the training though.

Jaymie said...

Congrats caloyb! Can't imagine how fast you'll be with more strength training. Mr. Neon Green Shorts (if he's still wearing the same outfit in the next race) better watch out for you :)

2per Santos said...

my hats off to you. it's a decent finish, considering that no medals or certificates stood waiting for you and yet you still made an honest accounting of yourself there in the race. i'm sure, for people with motivation like yours, things are only going to get better and better along the way. good luck.

caloyb said...

jaymie, i know that strength training especially for my upper body would really do me a lot of good. problem is, i have the tendency to forget i need it after a while. :)

thanks, for visiting my blog 2per. i sure hope this would be a good running (and biking) year for me. :)

bEnMChAn said...

wow! congratulations caloy! Top 10! There's really a tendency of your arms to stiffen up during a race. Just remember while training try to relax your shoulder and arm swing. the more you curl it up and down the slower your run will be. Tested this one already at the track. :)

Keli said...

Hi Caloy! Congrats ha? I'm sure Mr. Neon Green Shorts had wished he didn't underestimate you. He could have been in Top 10 instead of you. hehe. When are you racing here in Manila?

Running Freeman said...

Congrats Caloy looks like you've got a good "Second wind" at the last stretch. yup I think you're really fast.