Friday, March 07, 2008

Finally, a chance to run a race again

Two races have already passed me by.

The first Milo Marathon Regional Elimination race for Mindanao was held in General Santos February 24. I was planning to run it and the Davao City elimination race. If I cannot run all Milo Mindanao elimination races, then at least I can do the two races closest to my home city of Kidapawan. But as early as two weeks before the race, I was told that there was to be a baptism in the family, and I would stand as godfather to my nephew. My General Santos Milo elimination race went up in smoke.

Two days before the General Santos Milo elims, a friend from PATAFA Mindanao sent me a text message. There will be a 10k and 5k in Davao City on February 25. I was not prepared for that. And while it was a holiday, I was scheduled to join a provincial government medical-dental outreach in the town of Alamada, an hour and a half travel from Kidapawan. It was official duty against racing. No contest. I was not prepared to disappoint my boss.

Then on Monday, March 3, another text message came from my friend. Registration was ongoing for the Araw ng Dabaw run. Finally, this is something I can do! No baptisms, no medical-dental outreach, just a Sunday set for racing.

So which one do I run? The open 21k, open 10k, open 5k, or the 40-and-above 5k? I am not fast - half-fast perhaps - and I am not as good at running shorter distances than I am at doing longer ones. But, hey, that 40-and-above 5k is something worth considering.


rick said...

Well Caloy it really depends on your training and the shape that your are in right now. If you have the endurance I'd say go for the 21k. You know how it goes, the longer the distance the more other things come into play like proper pacing, good hydration and nutrition. You'll beat some of the faster guys with a smarter strategy and preparation. If you don't have the distance under your belt right now I would consider the 40 and above 5k - hard and furious with your division.

caloyb said...

i did just that, rick. run a hard and furious 5k in my division, though not hard and furious enough to grab a podium finish. landed in 10th place though.:)